Did you know that having water features incorporated in your custom pool design have the same stress-relieving impact as living near a natural spring? It’s widely known that being near water is healing to mind, body, and spirit — especially when that water is flowing hypnotically. 

Water in motion is the ultimate healing force, and people have been irresistibly drawn to waterfalls, streams, and rivers for centuries. Water features also provide an added aesthetic appeal to your overall pool design and feel. Below are a handful of water features you may consider incorporating into your modern pool design while working with your pool builder. 


A scupper is a spout attached to a wall or pedestal. Water flows through it in the style of your choice. Scuppers are typically featured in pairs or sets of three, though pool owners can choose to have as many as they want for the desired audible and visual effect.

In-Pool Fountains

This water feature is a classic! An in-pool fountain brings an element of sophistication while still being an incredibly relaxing feature for kids and adults. The sound of water flowing from a fountain can deliver the same soothing impact as sitting near a babbling brook.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

The sheer descent waterfall provides a smooth cascade of water that continuously pours into the pool. Not only is it visually stunning, but many include this waterfall in their pool designs because of its therapeutic qualities.


Mist and fog systems create a curtain of mist that lowers the temperature during really hot weather. You can actually reduce temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees. The mist system adds an element of quiet to the atmosphere that can help you clear your head.

Rain Curtain

Imagine a magical curtain of water that falls into the pool from either a wall mounting or overhang. The rain curtain can be where your kids go to laugh and have fun, marveling at their ability to choose whether to get splashed by the “rain” or keep their heads dry. 


Bubblers are small jets that shoot bubbling water streams up from the floor of the pool. It can be soothing to the feet and feels like a gentle foot massage. 


Statuaries are fountains built in the design of your choice. Imagine a fish, animal, bird, or angel that gently pumps out a stream of water. There are many options to choose from that will certainly add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space. 

Deck Jets

This water feature propels a narrow, arching stream of water into your pool from the pool decking. You can use different colored LED lighting to illuminate the streams of water to make it even more mesmerizing.

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