First class all the way. I have had multiple pools built and Mckinney Custom Pools are by far the best company I have ever used. Their customer service, attitudes, craftsmanship, and response times are top notch, bar none. They are a relational group that truly take pride in their work and in their customers. Your dream can become a reality with Mckinney Custom Pools. I can’t say enough about Jeremy and this group. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Matt G

McKinney Custom Pools listened to our wants and needs and designed our free-form pool and spa. The entire process was handled professionally with open communication. The team answered any and all of our questions prior to and throughout the process in a timely manner. We are very happy with our interaction with McKinney and will refer family and friends in the future. McKinney helped bring our vision of a backyard oasis to life.

Brit Sch

McKinney Custom Pools went above and beyond. They were on time and very responsive. From our first visit with Matt, to our construction with Aaron, everything went smooth. They listened to our wants and needs and provided us with exactly that. We will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to build a pool.

Robert S.

Mckinney Custom Pools provided us with the best professional experience during the entire process of our pool build. From the first day of digging all the way to pool school. It was the best experience a pool owner could ask for. Anytime we had questions they would respond immediately. Also the app they provided us had all the updates during the entire build and all questions could be answered there or over the phone if we called. Everything discussed during our first visit went exactly as planned. Six to eight weeks later as promised we had our pool completed.
Thank you McKinney Custom Pools for such a great experience.

Stacey G.

We’ve been shopping for a pool contractor and our follow up visit in person after receiving a quote via email was by far the BEST experience we have had over the past month. The office is very nice and their onsite pool is beautiful. Jeremy is so friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and is a pleasure to work with. He helped us to stay within our budget to get the pool of our dreams. There is no wait-list, no long wait time for dig to start, or any other delay. As soon as permits are approved and HOA approval is finalized, the expected completion date is within 6 to 8 weeks (not 10 to 12 or longer like some others quoted)! We signed the contract and are excited to get started! We’ll have our pool before the end of summer!
I highly recommend them for your pool/spa or any other outdoor patio project you desire!


Big shout out to my pool builder who responded quickly to a somewhat urgent issue I had with my pool. After updating my software on the Hayward Omni control pad, I noticed my spa started draining. Apparently, my actuators got wiped from my Hayward Omni program and the actuators got stuck in the closed position and subsequently my spa drained into the pool and then the pool overflowed (more like drained into the street). I was baffled at what happened, given that I didn’t know the cause at the time. I sent an email late Sunday night and received a response from Jeremy McKinney (the owner of McKinney Custom Pools) at 6:30 AM and we spoke by phone when they opened for business by 8:30 AM Monday morning. He helped me troubleshoot the system while on the phone (I am still impressed he knew my layout by memory and could talk me through it). And even though the issue got resolved, he sent a tech over later that afternoon to make sure everything was okay and there were no other issues.

I wish I can say I was the easiest customer to deal with during my pool build, but like many of us who are getting a pool built for the first time I was so hands on and at times perhaps a tad bit overbearing. Regardless of how I acted during the build, that didn’t stop McKinney Pools from going above and beyond to assist me.

Service after the sale is really what separates the best builders from good to okay builders. To those considering getting a pool built I highly recommend McKinney Custom Pools to build a quality pool with top-of-the-line equipment that works in harmony. I will also add, be careful how you treat your pool builder during the build, they may not always be responsive post build, especially when they have no legal obligation at that point.

Steven W.

My 3rd pool with McKinney Pools was just completed and it is gorgeous. As with my first two experiences, Jeremy drew an amazing creative design, Anya was instrumental in helping me choose the finishes, pricing and inclusions were clear from the beginning and when I made changes, they were upfront about cost and rolled with some indecision with utmost professionalism. The McKinneys are extremely responsive throughout the entire process and the app that tracks every aspect of the build is super cool. We were never confused or in the dark about what was happening and what was next. I must also say, my first two pools were solid. Never had any equipment or plaster problems with either in the 4 years I spent with the first and 7 years with the 2nd. Our pool remote died a year or more after they completed the 2nd pool, I called Anya and told her, she got someone out there to replace it immediately at no cost. They also keep current with new technology – I was pleasantly surprised to hear that pool remotes have been replaced with a phone app! Jeremy McKinney takes pride in what he builds. They use top of the line equipment, plaster and stone that is built to last. One of the best things about McKinney Pools is their quick timeline and sticking to it. When they say 8-10 weeks, they mean it. No delays, no excuses. There is someone in your yard every day when it’s not raining. It’s awesome. I never write reviews. This is more of a PSA for first time pool owners who are scared about choosing the wrong company or those who have had horrible past experiences building a pool. McKinney Pools is the way to go. You will not regret choosing them to create your backyard paradise!

Melissa E.

Highly recommend McKinney pools! Great service from beginning to end! We made a few changes along the way and they were very happy to help us make our pool how we wanted! Anya, Jeremy, Jacey, and Aaron were great to work with ! They have an app where you you can ‘track’ progress of the work and communicate with them! Which was so great ! Thank you for making our pool just how we wanted !

Roberta C.

From the moment Aaron came to give us a bid, to working with Jeremy and Anya, the whole process has been very smooth. We have been very pleased with the pool build and the responsiveness at McKinney Pools. Not only has the process been as promised, they have been efficient with project timeframes. We couldn’t recommend this company enough.

Debbie H.

They told us 6-8 weeks and they delivered! From the day they excavated until it was complete, they had a team here working almost every day! Build seemed to go much quicker than any other pool builds around us. We had water in our pool exactly 6 weeks from the day they started. We are so please with the finished product. Love our pool and spa!

Kim P.

Jeremy and Anya came through for our pool build in a huge way! Our contract was signed with them on March 15, 2021 and excavation began 3 days later. The weather extended our construction by 3-4 weeks but that’s on Mother Nature. The McKinney Pool’s team is very communicative and responsive with any questions or concerns. We’ve received nothing but compliments on our new pool and couldn’t be happier. The construction crews they use perform excellent work with a high level of craftsmanship. I’d highly recommend McKinney’s Custom Pool’s if you’re looking to build.

Gabriel S.

McKinney pools built us an incredible oasis that we have been enjoying with family and friends! As a first time pool purchaser, we did a lot of research and interviewing of pool contractors. We received proposals from 8 companies and ultimately selected McKinney pools. One of the main reasons we went with them is that both Jeremy and Anya listened to what we wanted, made great suggestions based on their 17+ years of experience but ultimately ensured that we were going to build what we wanted not what they wanted to build. Several of the other companies seemed to want to build us the pool they wanted us to have. They were also flexible in making modifications to the original design in the pre-build time frame. (i.e. increasing decking size, adjusting pool layout in yard, etc.) With any major project, issues/disconnects arise. Jeremy and Anya are both very responsive to questions/concerns and work to reach a resolution that is fair to both parties. They are great to work with and we give them our highest recommendation!!

Gail D.

Jeremy and Anya hands down are top notch in the pool business. They literally saved our pool project to say the least and have made the process so stress less. Our pool is almost finished and we can’t wait to see the final product..

Gabe S.

Jeremy and team built us a beautiful Tuscan-style rectangular pool and a covered patio extension that we love. As promised the pool was built very quickly and expertly. We had challenges during the building process – rain, snowmageddon – but they worked with us to get things done. They also helped getting a replacement for a faulty robot cleaner on startup. Great people, great work. Pricing was clear and they worked with us on change orders, etc. Maybe the best part is how they took our vague ideas, made a drawing and turned that into reality.👍 Highly recommend to anyone in the Pearland/Fwood/Alvin area interested in a pool and backyard enhancement.

Kevin M.

Trust and reliability are critical when you decide to invest in a pool build and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership of McKinney Custom Pools in building our backyard paradise! Jeremy and Anya are true experts and helped guide and advise us in the design process and throughout the entire build. We came into the project with a dream in our mind and they added their opinion on unique design elements that made it really special. They helped make what could have been a stressful project, a fun and exciting one! The quality and craftsmanship of their crew’s work are top-notch. Thank you McKinney Custom Pools!!

Ben B.

McKinney Custom Pools is hands down the best pool company to choose when designing and installing a new pool. Jeremy takes the time to listen to the customers and design exactly what the customer wants. Anya and Aaron are always available through the BuilderTrend App to answer any questions and keep everyone apprised on the pool build. Not only did McKinney Custom Pools deliver a great pool with exceptional customer service, but they did it in a very timely manner. Jeremy listed a completion date in our contract and they were actually finished with the entire pool before the set date. Once the pool was completed, Aaron scheduled pool school with us and walked us through the entire start up process and care for our new pool. Afterwards, when we had general questions or concerns, Jeremy, Anya, and Aaron were still available through the BuilderTrend App to help us out. I would recommend anyone looking for a professional pool builder that is honest, reliable, and timely to choose McKinney Custom Pools.

Christine G.

The pool we have is exactly what we planned and designed with Jeremy and Anya. All our questions were answered and we received great advice regarding material choices, colors and the overall design.

All questions we had along the way were answered. The pool was actually built in 8 weeks which was within the time frame given at the beginning. The outdoor kitchen was complete a few weeks after.

There was a faulty gauge in the pump filter that was recognized by Aaron and fixed immediately during the build process.

My wife and I are extremely happy and satisfied with the finished product.

Ryan B

If you are considering to have a pool built do yourself a favor and meet with Mckinney Custom Pools before making your final decision.

Mckinney Customs Pools delivered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I need to say that again? It was Business As Usual. Jeremy, Anya and Aaron have been great to work with through this entire project.

The way they are able to explain the entire pool construction process, give expectations and recommendations to 1st time builders speaks to their experience and knowledge.

The responsiveness, professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and overall quality of work performed by them and their staff is everything we could have asked for.

To this day I can call the office and get any of my questions asked as if I am still getting my pool built with them. This is everything to me.

Mckinney Custom Pools just doesn’t ensure that you are happy and enjoy the pool you have paid for. But most importantly they ensure that it operates and functions as should!

We are extremely happy with our decision of choosing Mckinney Custom Pools and anybody that asks about building a pool I will be sending their way!

Danny H.

Pearland, TX

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us and our new pool! We love it and are so happy everything went so smoothly. Unfortunately we have watched our neighbors struggle with another pool company. They had issue after issue and the installation time was more than double ours. Our pool was completely finished in a little over 3 weeks! There was no lag time or days when nothing was done. Everyday someone was working on the pool. We have absolutely no complaints. Our pool is beautiful. We have been able to call McKinney pools anytime of day for questions on how to use equipment, etc. They always get back to us shortly. We have already given referrals and have another neighbor planning to use McKinney to install their pool. Thanks for everything!

Megan, Bill & Reece

Pearland, TX

I have to say to anyone even remotely considering building a patio cover, you owe it to yourselves to have MCKINNEY CUSTOM POOLS give you a bid for your project! We are more than thrilled with the work they did or us. From the bid, to completion, it was a pleasant experience. Jeremy and Anya McKinney were very easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. We knew what to expect each step along the way. Our patio cover is completed, and it exceeds our expectations. We would refer anyone to this company, in fact, we have already referred our son, and that says it all!

David & Debra Airhart

Pearland, TX

My wife and I spent sometime researching custom pool builders in the Pearland, TX area before deciding on McKinney Pools. I can’t tell you how happy we are about our pool building experience. From our first meeting and through to pool completion they were there to answer our calls making us feel perfectly at ease that they had everything under control. They kept us informed of each planned stage of the building process and who will be out to do each step and when they will get there. A little over 5 weeks later we are now enjoying summer swimming in our fantastic pool, Thank You, McKinney Custom Pools.

Terry & Melissa Moore

Pearland, TX