Water features can bring a whole new dimension to your backyard pool. From something like a sheer descent to a more extravagant feature like a natural waterfall, the concept of moving water attracts attention and gets people talking. By incorporating pool features into your poolscape, you’ll not only add an artistic element, but more depth and character as well. From tanning ledges, grottos and more, the pool design experts at McKinney Custom Pools can help you select the right water feature that complements your swimming pool and backyard retreat.


Waterfalls make a classic addition to any pool style and are always popular with children. Our custom-designed pool waterfalls


Create a romantic getaway or a place for pirate’s treasure – in your own pool! A grotto uses rock & boulders (natural or man-made)


Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces like steps and beach entries. When combined with the right

Sheer Descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent or scupper is a straight, linear water feature that drops a clean, sheet of water into your pool. These water features create

Fire Bowls

Fire and water bowls are water features with a split personality! During the day, they are unassuming but are a great focal point

Tanning Shelf

A flat ledge typically located at the entrance of the pool. This tanning ledge is the perfect location for a lounge chair or the


Gone are the days of the unattractive plastic tube slide. Our custom built pool water slides are designed to accentuate your overall

LED Lighting

The use of LED lighting in your backyard poolscape adds a whole new dimension to the look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re

Raised Spa

A raised spa not only makes easier access to the spa, but adds a luxury element to your backyard. A raised spa stands

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