Big shout out to my pool builder who responded quickly to a somewhat urgent issue I had with my pool. After updating my software on the Hayward Omni control pad, I noticed my spa started draining. Apparently, my actuators got wiped from my Hayward Omni program and the actuators got stuck in the closed position and subsequently my spa drained into the pool and then the pool overflowed (more like drained into the street). I was baffled at what happened, given that I didn’t know the cause at the time. I sent an email late Sunday night and received a response from Jeremy McKinney (the owner of McKinney Custom Pools) at 6:30 AM and we spoke by phone when they opened for business by 8:30 AM Monday morning. He helped me troubleshoot the system while on the phone (I am still impressed he knew my layout by memory and could talk me through it). And even though the issue got resolved, he sent a tech over later that afternoon to make sure everything was okay and there were no other issues.

I wish I can say I was the easiest customer to deal with during my pool build, but like many of us who are getting a pool built for the first time I was so hands on and at times perhaps a tad bit overbearing. Regardless of how I acted during the build, that didn’t stop McKinney Pools from going above and beyond to assist me.

Service after the sale is really what separates the best builders from good to okay builders. To those considering getting a pool built I highly recommend McKinney Custom Pools to build a quality pool with top-of-the-line equipment that works in harmony. I will also add, be careful how you treat your pool builder during the build, they may not always be responsive post build, especially when they have no legal obligation at that point.

Steven W.