If you are considering to have a pool built do yourself a favor and meet with Mckinney Custom Pools before making your final decision.

Mckinney Customs Pools delivered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do I need to say that again? It was Business As Usual. Jeremy, Anya and Aaron have been great to work with through this entire project.

The way they are able to explain the entire pool construction process, give expectations and recommendations to 1st time builders speaks to their experience and knowledge.

The responsiveness, professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and overall quality of work performed by them and their staff is everything we could have asked for.

To this day I can call the office and get any of my questions asked as if I am still getting my pool built with them. This is everything to me.

Mckinney Custom Pools just doesn’t ensure that you are happy and enjoy the pool you have paid for. But most importantly they ensure that it operates and functions as should!

We are extremely happy with our decision of choosing Mckinney Custom Pools and anybody that asks about building a pool I will be sending their way!

Danny H.

Pearland, TX